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In the River
I said, "Bailey, our next session should be in the river."  She didn't flinch.  She just asked what she should wear.  So here we are after an hour in the river.  Waist deep.  Stumbling over rocks.  Fading summer light.  Wondering if there are leeches in the water.
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Nicole and Greg in Ohio City
I met Nicole and Greg in Ohio City for their portrait session.  We started off with a beer on the patio at Market Garden Brewery before taking a walk down W. 25th Street and stopping here and there to take some great pictures.  It's such a great part of town and one of their favorite places since their first date was at Nano Brew! ...
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Susan for Portraits at Sunset
I met Susan for portraits at sunset in a very secluded field I tend to frequent.  She had found my name through a friend and just wanted to try something different.  We spent about an hour walking a nearby path and then venturing far off it into the tall grass and wildflowers just as the light got magical.  
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Being Beautiful in the Studio
Haleigh  spent an afternoon being beautiful in the studio. Really not much else to say about this except to get in touch if you'd like to have a session like this for yourself or to share with that special someone in your lift!  
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Hanna at the Beach
I met Hanna at beach and my studio for her Class of 2017 Senior portraits.  We were going to do some more formal things inside but the weather was so perfect that we just worked around the outdoor space at my studio and then headed to Edgewater park to play a bit on beach and in waves.  It was a great session.  Hanna's huge smile l ...
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Family Portraits at Shaker Lakes
I met up with Dan, Lauren, Wes, and Addie on a fall morning for their Family Portraits at Shaker Lakes. Last time I saw the family was on their wedding day back a couple of years ago. Wes was the main man back then, but now he's busy being an awesome big brother to little Addie. We caught up a bit and strolled around the park. W ...
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World Series Champions
When it came to picking World Series Champions, Phil couldn't lose. He grew up a Cubs fan. The games were special times that he shared with his father. His youngest daughter is named Addyson. He married into an Indians family. Two long suffering franchises that were never supposed to win and this Fall Classic included both of them. ...
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Family Portraits at Edgewater Park
I met my good friend (New Friend) Jen for Family Portraits at Edgewater park a while back. Her parents joined us for the evening and we made some wonderful portraits of the entire extended family.
Senior Portraits at Squire’s Castle
I met Claire a few weeks back for her Senior Portraits at Squire's Castle.  It was a beautiful evening.  We found some quiet spots on the trials and a nearby field to make these great portraits.
Senior Portraits at the Pool
James swims. Senior Portraits at the pool only made sense.  Sure we can do a picture on the blocks or next to the pool, but how can we turn it up to 11?  Well, somebody has to get in and it wasn't going to be me
Bailey – Scene Five
Scene Five.  Five.  That's how many times Bailey has been in front of my camera.  We work well together.  It's a collaboration.  It's the gym for creative exercise. A few weeks ago I was out exploring the area playing Pokemon Go  with my kids.  Yes.  WITH MY KIDS!  We were at a park I'd been to before but never really explored m ...
Meredith at the Beach
Occasionally, I reach out, share what inspires me and ask if anybody would like to help me out with a themed session.  Meredith answered one of those calls and we headed out to Mentor Headlands to have a bit of fun.  It was warm, the waves were rolling and the sun was shining.  We had a great evening making some fantastic photos th ...
Video Game Style Session
Kat called me with the idea for this video game style session a while back and I'm glad we finally got around to shooting it.  I'm even happier  that I've been able to share the photos all week long on my Facebook and Instagram feeds.  You should be checking those out! I want to give a big shout out to the great crew at Punchbow ...
Danielle is Back
Danielle is back.  She has been on the blog before.  She's somebody I call to help my test out new gear - a new camera, a new lens, a new light.  This time around it was a new light.  Spent the better part of an hour goofing around and trying a  couple different things.  We made some great pictures and had a lot of fun. &nbs ...