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So I spent the past week over in Europe.  Started in Germany and ended in France.  Saw some wonderful sites and got to connect with a very important old friend.

I stayed in Bonn, Germany for the first part of the trip.  When my secret double agent day job was over, the evenings were filled by taking the train into the City Center and strolling the streets.  On one such evening, an elderly man approached myself and the group I was with and began rattling off some story in German.  I don’t know a lick of German.  When he finally paused to take a breath, we informed him we were American.  The whole story started over in English.  At this point he also proceeded to sit right down at our table.  He told us tales of hiking across the US back in the 1950s, about how much something cost in Central Park (we should have paid more attention to this part) and the movie “An American in Paris”.   Then he pulled a small pad of paper from his bag and began to sketch us.

Sketch Artist

When he finished, he asked us to identify ourselves which we did. Then he told us it was $2 Euro per head – $6 Euro total (see the math I did there?). Ahhh…drawings like this were what cost $20 in Centrail Park! Really, I thought he was going to try selling us German weed.

Here are just a few other pictures from around the city.


Munster Detail

Subway Posters


Bonn Street

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